Danville (finally) celebrates Pride!

We did it!

Armand Domalewski, a straight ally who grew up in Danville and is a member of the Lambda club, had asked the town council to consider celebrating Pride for the first time this year. Now living in San Francisco, he told the B.A.R. he still hears from his LGBT friends in high school about how traumatic it was for them when a gay-straight alliance club started at their school caused controversy.

"The fact Danville is the last place in Contra Costa County not to do it sends a really powerful negative message to all the gay kids and transgender kids growing up there who may not feel safe or might not feel they belong there," said Domalewski, who works on economic analysis for Calbright College, the state's first online community college. "I think it is especially important to not be the last resisting city. It sends the message that Danville is not a place for them and that is not right."

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